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Interstate Truck Licensing

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Whether you're in need of one service or several, our team is able to adapt to your company's needs and preferences.

We have the information and services to help you navigate the transportation industry confidently.

Driver Qualification Services

  • Establish compliant driver qualification files 
  • Maintain compliant driver qualification files
  • Monitor expiring driver documents and issue reminders
  • Order motor vehicle records (MVRs)
  • Support previous employment verifications for drivers 
  • Assist annual driver evaluation process

Log Auditing & Monitoring Services

  • Review driver logs and supporting documentation (fuel reports, tolls, BOL)
  • Audit logs seeking potential violations, false or missing entries
  • Advise customer of missing documentation or discrepancies
  • Provide monthly management reports
  • Provide instruction regarding DOT hours of service regulations and exemptions

Drug & Alcohol Compliance Services

  • DOT Pre-Employment Drug Screens*
  • DOT Random Drug Screens*
  • Consortium Enrollment*
  • Written Drug & Alcohol Policy

*Administered through Schmidt and Associates

Other Services

  • DOT Mock Audits
  • Assist with DOT Audits
  • DOT Safety Rating Upgrades
  • CSA Monitoring
  • USDOT Compliance Consulting

Vehicle Maintenance Monitoring

  • Support maintenance, inspection, and repair functions for the company
  • Track and maintain copies of annual DOT inspections
  • Alert client before inspections are due for renewal
  • Document and follow-up on proof of repair for vehicle deficiencies
  • Run periodic DOT carrier profile reports to track overall fleet performance

ITL Compliance Solutions Team Members

Kris Olson

Director of Regulatory Compliance



Liz Hagen

Lead Compliance Associate



Michelle Blua

Compliance Associate



Jamie Jenison

Lead Regulatory Associate



Stacie Brick

Compliance Consultant



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